Jimmy Kimmel is officially in a "rap feud" with Kanye West

Yeezus went after the comedian for making a parody that mocked the rapper

By Prachi Gupta
September 27, 2013 4:47PM (UTC)
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It finally happened: Kanye West reached peak Kanye West on Twitter Thursday night, launching a full-on verbal assault on comedian Jimmy Kimmel over a parody video that mocked The Holy Yeezus. On Tuesday night, Kimmel spoofed West's absurd BBC Radio 1 interview by reenacting it, word-for-word, with children.

Kimmel referred to the bit as "innocuous," but West clearly thought otherwise:


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West then personally called Kimmel just before his nightly show and asked him to apologize. "He called me, he said a lot of things. He told me I had two choices. Number one, apologize publicly...and that was really the only choice. The other choice he gave is 'your life is going to be much better if you apologize,'" said Kimmel.


Predictably, Kimmel did not apologize to the Tupac reincarnate, as West called himself. "Finally, I'm in a rap feud," Kimmel joked.

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