Neocon pundit: GOP acting like "blind fools"

The newest chapter in the ongoing GOP civil war

By Elias Isquith

Published October 2, 2013 3:02PM (EDT)

John Podhoretz      (Commentary)
John Podhoretz (Commentary)

In his latest column for the New York Post, Jonathan Podhoretz, son of  Norman Podhoretz and editor in chief of the neoconservative Commentary magazine, takes a huge swing at congressional Republicans, arguing that "segments of the right" have "blinded themselves" over the government shutdown.

"And since they fashioned themselves leaders of others," Podhoretz writes, "in their blindness they have marched themselves and their followers off a cliff."

After calling pro-shutdown Republicans "blind fools" who had made the case against Obamacare "more difficult to advance," Podhoretz goes on to argue that however unpopular Obamacare may be, public opinion polling shows a government shutdown to be even more disliked. Referring to Obamacare's polling, Podhoretz writes, "Those are terrible numbers, to be sure, but they're far better numbers than the Republicans are going to see during the shutdown, as the polls already reveal."

Taking aim at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Podhoretz claims that it's unclear "whether Cruzians deluded themselves into believe they were in a stronger position to prevail ... or whether they were acting out of more cynical motives."

"After all," Podhoretz notes, "Cruz has presidential ambitions."

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