Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart calls GOP "self-righteous Orwellian zebra queefs"

The exasperated "Daily Show" host wonders whether the Republicans are dumb, or if they think the rest of us are

Published October 3, 2013 1:07PM (EDT)

It's a good thing Jon Stewart is a comedian, because otherwise he'd be at his wits' end with the House GOP, who, after forcing a government shutdown earlier this week, are blaming it on Democrats. Calling "bulls--t," "The Daily Show" host asked, "When did the big government Democrats become the no-government Democrats, you self-righteous Orwellian zebra queefs?"

Raising his voice, Stewart shouted, "So, enough! Enough pretending. Stop trying to photo op your way out of responsibility for this catastrophe."

Unable to decide whether "these guys are dumb, or think we are," Stewart invited senior political correspondent John Oliver to weigh in. Without hesitation, Oliver said, "They think you're stupid. And not just you -- everybody."

"They are risking absolutely nothing. Congress already has a 90 percent incumbency rating and, by the way, that goes along with a 10 percent approval rating. The only previous instance of that level of disapproval, combined with that level of market retention, is Time Warner Cable," he continued.

"If I'm hearing correctly, you're saying that Congress is the Time Warner Cable of democracy," Stewart summarized.

"I know that's incredibly harsh," responded Oliver. "But it's also incredibly fair."

By Prachi Gupta

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