Now's your chance to drunk dial Congress

"Mad at Congress over the Shutdown? Have a drink and tell them"

Published October 11, 2013 7:13PM (EDT)


We’ve all been there. Down and out. Heartbroken and lost. And there’s nothing left to do but let it out and drunk dial that horrible person treating you so badly.

Well, America, we’re all there right now...together. And the members of Congress aren’t giving a hoot! So go ahead and drunk dial them to tell them how you really feel.

You may be thinking to yourself “I can’t do that. Who am I to drunk dial the government?” You’re an American citizen, that’s who you are, and it’s your right to drink and dial! is a website created by Revolution Messaging that gives you the access to “call and yell at a random member of Congress.” The site offers everything needed for an effective inebriated venting session.

You may want to start at the bottom of the site where there are a variety of drink recipes. Based off recipes alone, “The Fancy Statesmen” is the right combination of sophistication and boozy-ness.

After you throw a couple back, scroll up to some talking points that cover an array of issues. There are prompts, such as “You jerks are costing the country $12 million bucks per hour!”, with links to news articles so you can really hit them with the facts.

Lastly, type in your phone number and immediately receive an automated, toll-free call that will connect you to the office of a randomly selected member of Congress. You may get a voicemail or actually get the congressman’s office staff. Either way, don’t forget your mission and let them have it!



By Alyxaundria Sanford

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