Watch Banksy drive stuffed animals to the slaughterhouse

At least one small child is scarred for life

By Lindsay Abrams
Published October 11, 2013 9:18PM (EDT)
   (Banksy NYC)
(Banksy NYC)

Sure, it can be hard to feel bad for the ugly old cow that becomes your hamburger, but what about the cute stuffed animals that you cuddle with before going to sleep? Surely you wouldn't eat those.

"The Sirens of the Lambs," a hilariously twisted roaming exhibit from UK street artist Banksy, debuted today in (where else?) New York's Meatpacking District. It will be making its way around Manhattan for the next two weeks, converting everyone in its path to vegetarianism...maybe. The guys at the butcher shop seem to find it funny, but the baby at 0:44, at least, won't be eating Happy Meals anytime soon:

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