Marvel Comics gives its Spider-Girl costume a skirt because all girls must wear skirts!

Like Spider-Man, Spider-Girl wears a Spider-Suit. So why does the character's costume have a skirt?

Katie McDonough
October 15, 2013 2:26AM (UTC)

Spider-Girl is the Spider-Spawn of Spider-Man and his Spider-Love, Mary Jane Watson. Spider-Girl, much like her father, wears an insanely tight body suit while fighting crime, coasting between buildings, doing upside-down kissing, etc.

But whatever corporate entity signs off on Marvel Comics' costume licenses thinks Spider-Girl should wear a skirt. Because she is Spider-Girl not Spider-Boy or Spider-Man, obviously.


The other unfortunate thing about this costume is that, unlike Spider-Man costumes made for children and adults, the Spider-Girl getup does not come with those grotesque built-in muscles that are so weird and great! This, despite the fact that Spider-Girl would have to be just as ripped as Spider-Man, or else she wouldn't be able to do "what a spider can" all-day, every day.

The Spider-Skirt also comes in pink, which is a great color, but not Spider-Girl's color.

Ami Angelwings summarizes quite nicely why this costume is silly and pretty pointless:

If your child likes Spider-Girl and wants to dress up as her, wouldn’t they be really disappointed at this costume? And if they don’t care about looking like Spider-Girl, what’s even the point of having this costume under the Spider-Girl brand with the heroine right on the front to sell it?

h/t Jezebel

Katie McDonough

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