Use a smartphone? You may be addicted

A company conducted a ten-city survey to see how attached users are to their gadgets

Published October 22, 2013 6:44PM (EDT)

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(Adam Radosavljevic via Shutterstock)

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning?  Brush your teeth – use the washroom – make coffee – let the dog out?

Chances are you don’t do anything before you check your phone.

SOASTA, a mobile testing firm, conducted a 10-city survey of the mobile habits of Smartphone owners.  They found that 84% of people grab their Smartphones as soon as they wake in the morning.

The 10 cities they studied include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

New Yorkers were the most addicted, clocking in at 92% checking their phones before brushing their teeth.

What about you – do you check your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning?

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