The 5 worst "sexy" Halloween costumes

These are the scariest "adult" Halloween costumes you'll see this year

By Tracy Clark-Flory

Published October 31, 2013 11:00PM (EDT)

Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus costumes    (
Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus costumes (

Long gone are the days when the Busty Nurse and Naughty Cop outfit would be the talk of the Halloween party. You guys, we live in the age of the Sexy Hamburger.

Halloween has been so thoroughly saturated with sexiness -- make that "sexiness," heavy on the air quotes -- that costume makers have begun to look beyond well-worn adult-costume clichés. Much as with the proliferation of anything-you-can-imagine porn, sexy Halloween get-ups just keep getting weirder and more absurd (see: every porn parody ever made; slutty trick-or-treat outfits for dogs). That's why we've decided to compile a list of the least sexy "sexy" Halloween costumes of 2013. They just might be the scariest things you see this All Hallows' Eve.

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

From the tongue-wagging to the foam-finger jerk-off to the rape-y lyrics to the performers’ 16-year age difference to the major racial issues at play, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus’ performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards was one massive anti-aphrodisiac. That didn’t stop Paris Hilton from dressing up as the 20-year-old pop star -- and if the legion of such costumes available around the Web are any indication, she won’t be the only one.

Sexy "Duck Dynasty"

You would think there wouldn’t be too much sexy-costume potential in a reality-show about a bunch of bearded, ratty-haired men who like to dress up in head-to-toe camo and shoot ducks. But the folks at can apparently find tart potential anywhere. With an orange tutu, hunting jacket and beard-on-a-stick, any woman can transform herself into an sexy Uncle Si.

Sexy Minions

Surely a popular kids movie like “Despicable Me” would be off-limits for sexification. Especially when it comes to the movie’s yellow overall-wearing, pill-shaped stars, right?

Wrong. So wrong.

Sexy Pizza

Yeah, OK, I get it. You had to top last year’s hit, the Sexy Hamburger. But, honestly, the shoulder-pad crust is so '80s.

Sexy Walter White

This “Sexy Walter White” costume combines two things that are never sexy: meth and a Hazmat suit. Plus, they are not even trying with that bra.

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