Five years into retirement, Jenna Jameson goes back to porn

She quit the industry when she started a family. Now she returns, also for family

By Prachi Gupta

Published November 12, 2013 2:57PM (EST)

After five years, Jenna Jameson, who was one of the world's most famous porn stars until she quit the industry to build a new life for her family, is back.

In 2008, Jameson pledged that, for the sake of her children, she'd never return to porn. "There's no way I'd ever, ever, ever go back. So. I would rather live under a bridge," she said.

But life is cruel, and as Jameson hit financial troubles and her home faced foreclosure, her words have taken on a new meaning. Dealing with the reality of living under a bridge, Jameson opted instead to return to the industry that made her rich and famous. According to TMZ, who first broke the story, Jameson "recently made her return to the adult industry as a webcam model -- stripping and doing sex acts online in exchange for tips." TMZ reports that her children "are a HUGE motivating factor behind locking down a steady paycheck."

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