Candy Crush has crushed the competition

The viral game and moneymaking juggernaut has notched up 500 million downloads


Published November 15, 2013 6:24PM (EST)

A year ago, the simple puzzler game app Candy Crush Saga hit the app stores, and today the company behind it, King, says the app has just passed the 500 million download mark across all app stores globally. This makes it, as King points out, "one of the most successful games of all time."

Five-hundred-million downloads equates to one in 14 people alive, but that's not the only interesting stat that King shared. Giving us an unusual insight into the habits of the app's users, King notes that 78% of U.S. fans say they play the app most while watching TV, while 69% of U.K. fans play it while commuting. One in 23 Facebook users is a fan of the game, and it's played most often between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., and on Sundays.

The game's rise in popularity is incredible. Angry Birds is perhaps the most successful example of a casual game app like this, but it took about two years to pass the 500 million download mark, in November 2011. Cut The Rope, another great example of a virally successful game, took nearly three years since its 2010 debut to pass 400 million downloads, in September 2013, although it did achieve 100 million of those since April this year.



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