Women share their stories of being lied to by crisis pregnancy centers

"They told me condoms have holes and birth control causes cancer," writes one woman

By Katie McDonough

Published November 15, 2013 7:24PM (EST)

      (via ExposingFakeClinics)
(via ExposingFakeClinics)

"A CPC [crisis pregnancy center] told me that birth control is a mini abortion every month," writes one woman on a new Tumblr dedicated to collecting the stories of women who have been lied to by anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers.

"The CPC counselor told me I'd get breast cancer if I had an abortion," writes another.

And another: "The CPC told me I would become infertile if I had an abortion."

And another: "They told me condoms have holes and birth control causes cancer."

Four women, four lies. But because these deceptive practices are widespread, there are many other women with personal stories of how these anti-choice counseling centers tried to use medical misinformation and antiabortion sermonizing to mislead them about the full range of their reproductive healthcare choices.

You can read them here.

Katie McDonough

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