Stop early Christmas! SNL joins the fight against holiday creep

Common Sense Correspondent Mr. Senior tries in vain to save Thanksgiving

By Lindsay Abrams

Published November 17, 2013 2:02PM (EST)

  (Screenshot, NBC)
(Screenshot, NBC)

Forget the War on Christmas. As winter celebrations creep closer and closer to Halloween, the real holiday in danger of being forgotten is Thanksgiving. Reminding us, once again, that 39 days before Christmas is TOO SOON to start whipping out the Santa hats, "Common Sense Correspondent" Mr. Senior (Kenan Thompson) stopped by Saturday Night Lives's Weekend Update in a vain attempt to get everyone to "stop and smell the stuffing."

Watch as, megaphone in hand, Thompson takes to the streets of New York, tearing down stockings, stealing the bell from a Salvation Army collector and ordering those at work setting up the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to take it back down:

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