Climate denying group compares U.N. talks to the Holocaust

A fundraising email referencing Auschwitz is a new low for CFACT

Published November 21, 2013 7:41PM (EST)

"There simply is no parallel" between the climate negotiations currently taking place in Poland and the horrors that took place at Auschwitz and Birkenau during the Holocaust, David Rothbard, head of the anti-science Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), wrote in a fundraising email unearthed by DeSmogBlog.

"Surely, the political and policy battles we are fighting cannot even begin to compare to the horrors represented by those camps," he added. And yet...

Yet such examples from history are instructive to show just how far otherwise-civilized people can descend when they are gripped by false ideologies and twisted utopian ambitions.

They reveal the loss of freedom, taken to its ugliest level.

Right now, the UN is attempting to carry out what its climate chief last year termed "a complete economic transformation of the world."

The fact that Rothbard acknowledged how wrong it would be to compare the climate talks to the Holocaust just makes it that much more reprehensible when he goes ahead and does it anyway. Even for a group with a long history of doing everything possible to counteract the efforts of environmentalists, this is a new low.

Read the entire email here.

By Lindsay Abrams

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