Anti-Obamacare cartoon says that when insurance plans cover birth control, men get herpes

Makes a lot of sense

By Katie McDonough

Published November 26, 2013 5:25PM (EST)


A new anti-Obamacare cartoon put out by a conservative political website called Comically Incorrect suggests that requiring insurance coverage of birth control somehow gives men herpes.

For context, the website's other recent creative outputs include a drawing of President Obama murdering a doctor with a huge sword.

But back to herpes.

The comic by A.F. Branco reads, "Got insurance? No. What I 'got' is an S.T.D. from one of the many women who now get free birth control and a website I can't access. Now you can, too. Thanks, Obamacare."

There is no correlation between getting comprehensive health insurance coverage and the spread of herpes, though having health insurance does enable people to get regular S.T.D. screenings and treatment for sexual health issues they face ... so, there's that. Perhaps Branco needs information on what sexually transmitted infections are and how they are transmitted.

In which case, we're happy to provide a link to a website on birth control and safe sex practices -- hopefully A.F. Branco can access it.

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Katie McDonough

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