TV nerds name their babies after "Breaking Bad" characters

The names Jesse and Skyler saw a spike in popularity in 2013

By Katie McDonough
December 3, 2013 2:06AM (UTC)
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The names Jesse and Skyler are more popular than ever thanks to the television-watching world's obsession with "Breaking Bad," according to a list of the most popular baby names in 2013 released by website BabyCentre.

The name Jesse saw a 13 percent increase in popularity this year, while Skyler saw a striking 70 percent increase. But the names Skinny Pete, Combo and Badger have remained niche, unfortunately.


But "Breaking Bad" wasn't the only television show to inspire parents this year, according to the list. The names Brody, Carrie and Dana all went up in popularity in 2013 thanks to "Homeland."

That television should shape parents' baby-naming decisions comes as little surprise, according to Sarah Barrett, managing editor for BabyCentre. “Inspiration for your baby's name can come from anywhere, which is why a show like 'Breaking Bad,' which has been hugely popular, has influenced naming choices this year," she said.




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