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#MeninistTwitter thinks feminism is a movement about buying women flowers

And making men put down the toilet seat

Katie McDonough
December 17, 2013 11:44PM (UTC)

#MeninistTwitter is a hashtag that crept up Monday night, causing a lot of confusion about whether or not it was intended to be a genuine conversation about gender norms, a satirical critique of so-called men's rights activists or, you know, a genuine expression of reflexive misogyny from men's rights activists.

Turns out, it was mostly a group of men who think that feminism as a movement is mostly focused on getting straight men to buy their girlfriends flowers and women getting upset about the toilet seat being left up.


It was weird.

There is a lot of room within feminism to talk about the ways that gender norms hurt men. This Twitter conversation does not seem to be seriously interested in doing that.

A roundup of the bad tweets that may be good jokes:

[embedtweet id="412712625957380096"]

[embedtweet id="412987299581145088"]

[embedtweet id="412771396314337280"]

[embedtweet id="413002410034868225"]

[embedtweet id="412995407002603520"]

And a roundup of the good:

[embedtweet id="412784420089655296"]

[embedtweet id="412730902851354624"]

[embedtweet id="412760581360197632"]


[embedtweet id="412770954230513664"]

[embedtweet id="412733734337527808"]

[embedtweet id="412769071415824384"]



Katie McDonough

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