Conservative Twitter hate-loves Organizing for Action's new Obamacare meme

OFA's latest attempt to meme-ify Obamacare was greeted with widespread ridicule on the right

Published December 18, 2013 5:20PM (EST)

      (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)
(REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Organizing for Action, the new version of what was once Organizing for America, has a tendency to try to promote Obamacare on Twitter with images that, one imagines, they think will be potentially viral. But what tends to happen instead is that OFA's tweets are ignored by basically everyone — except for conservative tweeters. OFA's latest attempt, posted through Barack Obama's Twitter feed (which they're leasing from the White House), is a case in point.

Here's the tweet:

Admittedly, the guy in the photo does look a little silly. That's what happens when you wear a onesie! But as one might expect, what to liberal eyes is "a little silly" is, to conservatives, outlandishly, ridiculously — even grotesquely — absurd. Indeed, conservative tweeters spent most of Thursday night and Wednesday morning mocking the subject of the photo as a fey beta male, a near self-parody of liberal masculinity (or the lack thereof). Here are a few representative examples.






The tweet also inspired a hashtag, #pajamaboy, that some conservatives ran with for a while:







All in all, a very productive Thursday night and Wednesday morning for right-wing Twitter.

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