Rob Ford apologizes to reporter for implying he's a pedophile, later dances in City Hall

The Toronto mayor faces a defamation lawsuit, but kept his spirits up with a surprise dance party

Published December 18, 2013 4:03PM (EST)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had been flying under the media's radar for the past few weeks, after a series of outrageous admissions and outbursts -- including smoking crack cocaine and driving while intoxicated -- planted him in international headlines and resulted in the Toronto City Council stripping him of most of his powers.

The loose-lipped Ford remains jovial and relatively unapologetic, however, as he recently demonstrated in a lively council meeting on Tuesday. The mayor mock-apologized to Speaker Frances Nunziata for calling the council members "corrupt." "How about, 'I am so sorry,'" the mayor said. "Is that as good as I apologize? Or, 'So sorry?' Which one do you want, Madam Speaker? Like, 'Super, super, super, super, super, super, super sorry? So sorry?'"

He also issued an unsatisfactory apology to Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale for implying that Dale was a pedophile during a televised interview with Conrad Black. Ford said that in 2012 Dale was "taking pictures of little kids" in Ford's backyard, adding that he didn't want to use "that word, but you start thinking what this guy is all about."

Ford issued the apology after Dale filed a defamation lawsuit, and Dale plans to go ahead with it.

Later -- on the same day, Huffington Post Canada reports, Ford broke it down in City Hall with other Toronto councillors. The burst of holiday cheer was not lost on comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who said on his late night program, "For a while, I thought it was just Mayor Ford, but what I've realized is Canadians are much, much weirder than any of us had any idea they were."

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