2014: You predict the year in news

We asked what you think will happen within the next twelve months. Here's what you told us

Published December 20, 2013 4:10PM (EST)

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2013 was a year of uprise, change and surprise. During the last twelve months, we’ve had a front row seat to one of the worst atrocities committed against US civilians, the most confusing political plays within Washington, and an overall yearning for more kindness and greater transparency. The most read and discussed posts on Salon mirror these current events and happenings.

You poured your hearts into conversations about fantasy relationships, and argued over any use of the term “millennial.” You talked endlessly about Obamacare. You both heralded Hillary Clinton, and asked for a moratorium on discussing her political future.

Long hours were spent on the back-and-forth of feminism, and what it means for all of us. From Soraya Chemaly's often favored posts on theories and criticisms, to thoughts on the treatment of Zimmerman witness Rachel Jeantel, and, of course, the way we talk about sexual assault, as brought to light by the Steubenville rape trials and the following weeks of victim blaming blaming in the media.

But before we put the close the door on 2013 and breathe a sigh of relief to the sight of that crystal ball disappearing down into Times Square, we asked what you think the next twelve months will have in store for us.

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Leave your predictions in the comments below, and tell us what single event defined 2013 for you.

By Annemarie Dooling

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