Sen. Rand Paul (AP/Reed Saxon)

Rand Paul gets the Festivus spirit

The Kentucky senator uses Twitter for his yearly airing of grievances

Elias Isquith
December 23, 2013 10:15PM (UTC)

Rand Paul, who seems to think of himself as a relatively hip politician (a rather low bar to clear, but whatever), decided on Monday to celebrate the fake "Seinfeld" holiday, Festivus, by using Twitter to engage in one of Festivus' most hallowed traditions, the airing of grievances.

Paul's complaints varied, but as any observer of the Kentucky senator might guess, the Federal Reserve held a prominent role among them. Coming under fire as well? Bipartisanship, the Senate cafeteria, the nuclear option, and the fact that Paul has to move his car for street cleaning. And late into Paul's rant, his new Senate colleague — and prolific tweeter — Cory Booker joined in on the fun.


Here's how the whole thing started, with Paul critiquing D.C.'s version of bipartisanship:



Then he turned his focus onto the Senate, most specifically its recent rule change:



A quick aside about parking:


And, of course, a lengthy complaint about the Fed:








And here's where Cory Booker comes in:






Yet despite Paul's airing of grievances ending with this rather unFestivus-y display of fellow-feeling, be forewarned — Paul promises there's more to come.


Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is a former Salon staff writer.

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