Must-see morning clip: Would-be local news photobomber wipes out on ice

Karmic retribution in action

Published January 2, 2014 2:19PM (EST)

      (Fox 2 WJBK)
(Fox 2 WJBK)

People really love to photobomb the local news.

Whether there's a fire at the supermarket or a parade going on, if there is a local reporter covering the story, odds are good that someone is going to jump into the frame and wave their hands around like a goon (or worse).

So it probably brought some satisfaction to the news team at WJBK in Detroit when one such joker tried to photobomb reporter Jennifer Hammond, only to completely wipe out on an ice patch.

As Hammond proclaims at the end of the segment: "Karma!"

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By Katie McDonough

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