GOP Senate candidate: Democrats want to put "all these illegal aliens in this country" on welfare

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun also says Dems can only compete in his state by legalizing undocumented immigrants

Published January 7, 2014 6:16PM (EST)

Speaking on Georgia Public Radio, Senate candidate and House Republican Paul Broun argued that the only way Democrats will compete in his state is by giving undocumented immigrants the vote — after they've all been signed up on welfare, of course.

"The only way Georgia is going to change is if we have all these illegal aliens in here in Georgia, [and] give them the right to vote," Broun said. "It would be morally wrong; it would be illegal to do so, under our current law. Actually, all these illegal aliens are getting federal largess and taking taxpayers' dollars. That’s the only way this state is going to become Democratic again, in the next number of decades."

Broun further said that immigration reform was bad for Republicans because it would boost Democrats' electoral chances. "It only helps the Democrats if we legalize all these illegal aliens in this country who the Democrats want to put on federal welfare programs – and, actually, they are on federal welfare programs today," Broun said. "The Democrats want to make them all basically dependent on the federal government so they can continue their radical, big government agenda."

Broun, who once claimed the theory of evolution was a lie "from the pit of hell," also took some veiled shots at one of the other Georgia Republicans hoping to win a spot in the Senate, the moderate-by-comparison Rep. Jack Kingston.

"The only way that a Democrat has any possibility of winning this race — and, frankly, I think it is very minor at that — is if we nominate a mamby-pamby, big-spender, big-government, big-earmarking Republican who is nothing but somebody who wants to build a bigger government, just like we’ve seen both parties build in Washington," Broun said. "That may give a Democrat the chance to win. But otherwise, when I’m nominated, I’ll be the most-electable candidate out of the whole Republican field that’s out there now in this race."

By Elias Isquith

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