10 funniest reactions to Jacqueline Bisset's bizarre acceptance speech

The actress\'s long-winded speech inspired jokes from Kumail Nanjiani and Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter

Published January 13, 2014 1:59AM (EST)

  (Jordan Strauss/invision/ap)
(Jordan Strauss/invision/ap)

"Dancing on the Edge" star Jacqueline Bisset is emerging as the star of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards for her heartfelt but bizarre acceptance speech, which included a string of curse words, long pauses and long-winded tangents. Comedians and writers on Twitter immediately let loose with jokes about Bisset, who, according to co-host Amy Poehler, might still be talking backstage:

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But long, rambling and full of curse words ... it was all just too weird for actress Mia Farrow:

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