Ronan Farrow calls Woody Allen out on Twitter after Golden Globes tribute

Woody Allen's estranged son calls him out for sexual abuse

Published January 13, 2014 4:28AM (EST)

Ronan Farrow    (AP Photo/Gary He)
Ronan Farrow (AP Photo/Gary He)

Ronan Farrow, the estranged son of director Woody Allen and a future MSNBC host, has made no bones about his disdain for his father in the past, due in no small part to the unsavory allegations raised in a recent Vanity Fair piece dealing with Allen and Mia Farrow's family life.

And after an honorary Golden Globe presentation to Allen -- who, in absentia, was hailed by actress Diane Keaton specifically for his ability to work with actresses -- Farrow made his disgust clear on Twitter.

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For her part, Mia Farrow -- Ronan Farrow's mother and Woody Allen's ex-wife -- who left him following the revelation that Allen had embarked on a relationship with her adopted daughter, stayed out of the fray, tweeting this before Allen's award presentation began:

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