No, this bra probably cannot detect true love

But it may pop open at inopportune times and maybe embarrass you

Published January 27, 2014 10:25PM (EST)

A Japanese design firm has created a prototype for a bra that only opens when the wearer experiences "true love," an emotion defined by this product, basically, as an accelerated heart rate.

This product is perfect for people who only want to show their breasts to people they are in true love with. This product is probably not perfect for almost everyone else. (Also, is true love real? Let's all talk about it in the comments.)

The designers have said that the bra won't pop open any old time that your heart rate goes up (like, say, walking up a lot of steps in order to meet your maybe-true-love on a date), but only responds to a hormonal adrenal something something because it is very scientific. But I am pretty sure it will really just pop open at inopportune times.

This bra, because it is ridiculous, will probably never get made and is mostly just the new weird thing that we all talk about on the Internet today.

Watch it here:

By Katie McDonough

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