The 11 weirdest Super Bowl ads you'll see on Sunday

Terry Crews with the Muppets, a partial reunion of the "Full House" cast, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Published January 30, 2014 1:40PM (EST)

Advertisers know that most of us only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, so this year, they've released some ads online and offered teasers for others, all in the hope that they'll go viral before the big game. It's a marketing ploy designed to bring more eyeballs to their brands, but bah ... it is working, because there are some weird commercials coming your way this year. Below, a preview of some of the most bizarre.

Toyota USA ad featuring Terry Crews, Terry Crews' pecs, the Muppets and more of Terry Crews' pecs:

Volkswagen essentially predicts the appeal of the Toyota ad with its own viral formula:

And Dannon Oikos Yogurt, along with one foxy lady, is apparently what it takes to organize a mini-"Full House" reunion:

Doritos introduces you to "the finger cleaner," creating a new euphemism for the guy who collects toys on his desk at work:

Bud Light aims for absurd with a series of teasers that feature Reggie Watts, Don Cheadle, a llama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's zipper:

Audi freaks all of us out with its terrifying hybrid of Doberman Pinscher and Chihuahua:

Yellow M&M gets kidnapped mid-twerk:

Stephen Colbert knows you are just watching the Super Bowl for his "first Wonderful Pistachios commercial" ... and he is right:

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