John Elway: "I don't believe in safety nets"

And we're now rooting for the Seahawks...

By Salon Staff

Published February 2, 2014 10:48PM (EST)

Well, here's a reason to root for the Seattle Seahawks in tonight's Super Bowl: Denver Broncos icon John Elway's comments this morning on "Fox News Sunday."

Elway, who won the Super Bowl twice as the Broncos quarterback and is now a team executive, was asked by Chris Wallace why he is a Republican.

His answer: Garbled nonsense about not believing in a social safety net.

“Well, it goes to what my beliefs are,” Elway said. “I believe that we’re giving the opportunity to succeed or not succeed.”

“I don’t believe in safety nets,” he said. “Obviously, we’ve got to have some kind of safety nets. But I think my philosophy is when given the opportunity to go take advantage of that, I think that’s when you get the best out of people.”

As the Daily Kos points out, perhaps it's time the "non-profit" NFL stops being a taker and starts paying taxes.

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