Liz Cheney's vow: I'll be back!

After running one of the most dysfunctional campaigns in recent memory, Cheney promises she isn't finished

By Elias Isquith

Published February 3, 2014 4:33PM (EST)

Liz Cheney           (AP/Matt Young)
Liz Cheney (AP/Matt Young)

When it came to electoral politics, Liz Cheney, a former State Department official and a daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, had an infamously unsuccessful 2013. Her challenge to Wyoming incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi was roundly greeted with confusion if not outright hostility, and her campaign was mostly noticed for sparking a public fight between Liz and her sister Mary over same-sex marriage. So, all in all, not a fun time.

Yet according to a report in Politico, Liz Cheney has no intention of giving up on electoral politics in the long run. In fact, in early January, during a conference call with her inner circle, she told those listening to expect to be tapped one day to take another shot at putting her in public office. One person who was on the call paraphrased Cheney's comment to Politico like this: “At some point, I will be running for something else. This isn’t the right time for my family.”

Politico goes on to detail how Cheney's network of fundraisers, and her family's connections in the political world, are not going away any time soon. The real question is what, exactly, should she run for?

More from Politico:

In theory, there are state positions Cheney could seek: the governorship in Wyoming will likely be an open seat in 2018 and there are other constitutional offices that would seem to be within her reach. But it’s far from certain that a Republican whose career has been defined by federal debates – and national security issues specifically – would have interest in serving as a state treasurer or county commissioner.

Several Republicans supportive of Cheney suggested that those are precisely the jobs she should run for if she wants to keep her options open for the future – that she could easily win a school board seat this year if she wanted to, just to show that she can win an election.

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