Bizarre video for college students compares masturbation to being wounded in war

A video for students at Brigham Young University-Idaho warns "not to underestimate the danger" of masturbation

By Katie McDonough
February 5, 2014 12:19AM (UTC)
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A person who knows their friend is masturbating, but does not say anything (YouTube)

According to the good people at Brigham Young University-Idaho, masturbating is very dangerous.

To articulate this point, the Office of Housing and Student Living created a helpful video comparing masturbation to fighting -- and nearly dying -- in a war. The message is basically, "Friends don't let friends masturbate to pornography in their dorm rooms at Brigham Young University-Idaho."


The other message seems to be, "Not awkwardly telling your roommate to stop masturbating because you do not personally agree with his or her behavior is the same thing as letting him or her die in battle."

It is very odd, offensive. Here it is:

h/t the Daily Beast

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