Court strikes down Donald Trump's anti-windmill crusade

Trump's attempt to block a wind farm from being built near his Scottish golf resort was rejected

By Lindsay Abrams

Published February 11, 2014 2:34PM (EST)

Modern-day Don Quixote Donald Trump's legal battle against an experimental wind farm took a major hit Tuesday when a Scottish civil court rejected his legal action taken against the Scottish government.

Convinced that the planned 11 wind turbines would spoil the views at his new golf course, built on the coast of Aberdeenshire, Trump alleged that Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond, had secretly interfered in the decision to approve the project -- a move, he said, that represented clear and illegal bias by the Scottish government, not to mention a violation of the European Convention of Human Rights. The court dismissed his claims, adding that Trump's human rights were irrelevant to the cause.

PolicyMic has a good history of Trump's anti-windmill sentiment, neatly summed up in this statement: "Wind farms are a disaster for the environment. They kill the birds. They are very expensive in terms of energy. They're made in China."

Trump has made it clear that he will appeal the decision. In the meantime, no court or law can prevent him from continuing to wage war on wind energy via his favorite social media outlet:

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