Must-see morning clip: This is how Russia could host a gay pride parade

"The Daily Show's" Jason Jones discusses Russian anti-gay laws with politician Sergey Markov

By Prachi Gupta

Published February 13, 2014 2:13PM (EST)

Continuing his coverage on Russia, during the fiasco that is the 2014 Winter Games, "Daily Show" correspondent Jason Jones interviewed "Russian political spin doctor" Sergey Markov about the nation's draconian anti-gay laws.

After saying that he's "tired" of talking about gay rights because "it's a bit boring," the Russian politician launched into a false analogy, comparing homosexuality to "make sex with a table."

"You can many times repeat me, 'That it's normal, it's absolutely freedom, it's democracy," he continues with the making-sex-with-a-table analogy. "Having sex with man and woman. Normal. Having sex with man and man. Not normal. Everybody knows this, including gays."

Markov believes he's just informing people about "different views" of homosexuality -- like maybe being gay is not part of a human being's identity, but "a sickness" or even "a sin in the face of God," perhaps!

But Jones has a solution: "Why don't we have a gay pride parade, followed by a homophobic parade, followed by a [bleeping] idiot parade. Then the kids can see all of the viewpoints."

Markov nodded in approval, "It's one of the possibility," he said.

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