Chevron apologizes for fracking well explosion with coupons for free pizza

Residents affected by the massive explosion and fire are also eligible for a 2-liter bottle of soda

Published February 18, 2014 6:43PM (EST)

The February 11, 2014 fire in Bobtown, Pennsylvania       (Screenshot, WPXI)
The February 11, 2014 fire in Bobtown, Pennsylvania (Screenshot, WPXI)

The best way to get through these trying times is to remember that's there an upside to everything. To take just one example: yes, global warming is destroying the planet, but the melting glaciers are also revealing the preserved corpses of WWI soldiers, which is pretty cool. And if, say, a fracking well explodes in your community, causing a fire that raged for five days and leaving one person presumed dead, you might get a free pizza out of it!

The Philadelphia Daily News has confirmed that, following a massive explosion last Tuesday, Chevron's been making up to the good residents of Bobtown, Pa., by distributing gift certificates for one large pizza and a free 2-liter bottle of soda. The note delivered to local residents reads:

Dear Neighbor,

We are sorry to have missed you.  We wanted to provide you with a status update on the February 11 incident that occurred on Chevron’s Appalachia’s Lanoce 7 H well pads in Dunkard Township and see if you had any questions or concerns that we could address.

Chevron recognizes the effect this has had on the community.  We value being a responsible member of this community and will continue to strive to achieve incident-free operations.  We are committed to taking action to safeguard our neighbors, our employees, our contractors and the environment.

If you have any questions, please call our toll free community line at 1-877-847-8408.

Thank you,

Chevron Community Outreach Team

Here's a photo of the letter and coupon obtained by No Fracking Way. Unlike the long-term health and environment effects of fracking, this special offer expires soon:

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