Alex Jones and Phyllis Schlafly agree: Immigrants are going to “literally” make Americans "their slaves”

The two extremely right-wing and delusional pundits have figured out the whole immigration thing

Elias Isquith
February 20, 2014 8:55PM (UTC)

If you pair right-wing legend and inveterate immigrant-hater Phyllis Schlafly with the also right-wing (but mostly insane) conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the chances are pretty good that something totally ridiculous will be said in a matter-of-fact style and then swiftly agreed to without further discussion.

So it was hardly a surprise when Schlafly joined Jones on the latter's "Infowars" show to chat about immigration policy in the U.S. and how those who come to America hoping to make a better life for themselves and their families are obviously scheming to enslave everyone else.


Schlafly's argument, which she's been making more or less constantly, is that conservatives should do everything they can to stop immigration into the United States because many immigrants are Latino and Latinos are all about big government.

"What these polls consistently show," Schlafly told Jones, "is that three-fourths of the Hispanics coming in want a bigger government providing more services — I'm talking services like healthcare, Obamacare — and only a tiny percentage even understand or want a smaller government."

"And you know if we want to leave a country of freedom and prosperity to our children and grandchildren," she continued, "we've got to cut down the size of government [and] stop these executive actions Obama's taking on his own, which he's doing unilaterally and says he can do whatever he wants with his pen."


Schlafly went on to say, "These polls are very telling in showing what the people think about this, and they're not voting for amnesty; they're voting for handouts by the government, and they get that by voting Democratic."

Jones was totally on-board, adding, "And then they'll support literally making those of us that produce their slaves." He went on to say something about how George Soros and Warren Buffet wanted to raise taxes on the middle class, which "takes us back to a democracy where two wolves can vote to eat the sheep for dinner."

Schlafly then chuckled awkwardly before noting the whole situation "would be a joke if it weren't so tragic."


We think she's half-right.

Here's video of Schlafly and Jones elevating the discourse, via Right Wing Watch:

Elias Isquith

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