A day after retiring from the public eye forever, Alec Baldwin is still tweeting

The actor who desperately wants to be left alone posts a picture of his wife doing yoga, support for Piers Morgan

By Daniel D'Addario

Published February 25, 2014 3:50PM (EST)

Alec Baldwin announced in New York magazine's new issue that he was retiring from public life, after a series of frustrations with a celebrity media he described as predatory, invasive and obsessed with watching people fall.

That issue dropped on Monday. Later on in the day, "Extra," a celebrity TV newsmagazine, featured a segment in which correspondent Hilaria Baldwin (Alec Baldwin's wife) interviewed Seth Meyers, only after leading with the pending divorce of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. Earlier in the day, Baldwin broke his retirement from public life only a few hours in to tweet a photograph of his wife in a yoga pose while reporting the segment. He went on to post a link to an InStyle editor praising his conversational skills and class on Tumblr, and had previously in his brief recluse period tweeted out support for departing CNN host Piers Morgan.

Baldwin has deleted his Twitter feed before, once after using the feed to describe a journalist as a "toxic little queen," so this is all so much dust in the wind. But it's remarkable that someone who declared he, once and for all, would be seeking privacy for the sake of his family and no longer wanted the tsuris that came with fame would go on hours later to post self-aggrandizing tweets and a family picture.

Then again, that plea for privacy came on the cover of a magazine. No matter how many times Baldwin asks us to leave him alone, that's the last thing he wants -- indeed, he will never leave us alone.

Daniel D'Addario

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