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See the ocean from a shark's eye view with Shark Cam

Researchers attached cameras to the fins of sharks then set them free to do their thing

Lindsay Abrams
March 4, 2014 8:04PM (UTC)

This is the closest you're ever going to get to seeing the world's from a shark's point of view, and it comes courtesy of scientists at the University of Hawaii and the University of Tokyo. The brave researchers went ahead and strapped cameras to the fins of over 30 free-swimming sharks, then sent them back into their natural environment to see what they'd do.

“I was really amazed by all the images we got back,” Carl Meyer, a marine biologist at the University of Hawaii, said last week at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu. “It’s mesmerizing to see that shark’s-eye perspective of the shark interacting with the coral reef and the fishes.”


There's plenty of scientific knowledge to be gained from Shark Cam, the L.A. Times reports: Since sharks are one of the top predators in the oceans, where they go and what they eat has a major effect on the rest of the ecosystem. But this is also one of those cases where advances in science come along with really cool footage. Check out some highlights below:

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