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Meet the London Zoo's three new Sumatran tiger cubs

The triplets represent a victory for the critically endangered species

Lindsay Abrams
March 13, 2014 7:10PM (UTC)

The London Zoo just announced the birth of three Sumatran tiger cubs, who arrived in early February. They've yet to be named or identified by gender, but as this Cub Cam footage shows, they're extremely precious:

They're also a big deal, for a number of reasons. Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species: It's estimated that as few as 300 still exist in the wild, where their Indonesian habitat is threatened by poaching, habitat loss and human conflict. Conservationists warn that they could go extinct within the next decade.


Moreover, they're welcome news for their mother, Melati, who last fall lost a 2-week-old cub -- the first born to the London Zoo in 17 years -- when it drowned in a pool in its enclosure. This time, a spokeswoman assured the Guardian, they're going to be a lot more careful:

"We've drained the pond and built a cub conservancy so that Melati has space to go outside with the cubs without going too far. The keepers are monitoring the situation 24/7 and taking turns to watch the cameras overnight."

Lindsay Abrams

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