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Pat Robertson: God caused a power outage to punish senators for their climate talkathon

God has a sense of humor!

Lindsay Abrams
March 14, 2014 1:32AM (UTC)

Climate buffoon Pat Robertson brings us this fanciful parable about a brief weather-related power outage at the U.S. Capitol.  According to the 700 Club host, it was a "fun" bit of divine retribution for Monday night's climate change all-nighter.

“Do you think God has a sense of humor? Well, I think he does,” Robertson said Wednesday. “Let me tell you what happened. In the United States Capitol, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and the Democrats had an all night marathon advancing global warming. And they said we have to be in fear of global warming.”


As you might imagine, God, despite having a sense of humor, was none too happy about that. So what did he do? Let Robertson tell you:

So, God says, "Harry and Barbara, you've got it all wrong." He dropped the temperature 40 degrees, sent so much wind that it knocked out the lights in the Capitol dome for the first time in years. And it's still cold!

And the Lord is saying, "Democrats, it isn’t going to happen that way."

"Isn't that fun?" Robertson concluded. "God has a sense of humor."

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Lindsay Abrams

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