Are you a Google user? Beware of this phishing scam

If you type your password into this copy-cat login, your info will land in the hands of scammers

By Sarah Gray
March 19, 2014 2:00AM (UTC)
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Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. (AP/Paul Sakuma)

Technology heads up: If users enter their password in this phishing their Google Drive, Google Play Store account and Google+ will be at the mercy of unknown crooks. According to the Huffington Post, some Gmail users received an email with the subject line "Documents." Once people opened the email they were directed to a copy-cat login page for Google Drive. If you see this email, hit delete. It is not the real thing! (It is really convincing, check out screenshots here.)

To further confuse users, people will be directed to a seemingly innocuous Google Document. Unfortunately, though all seems quiet on the digital front, users really just gave up access to Google accounts to scammers.


In a statement to Huffington Post, Google said it has shut down the imitators, and is working to stop this from happening again. "If you think you may have accidentally given out your account information, please reset your password," the statement said.

Earlier this month Huffington Post reported a similar scam with Netflix. Protect yourself, don't open emails from unknown senders. While a wider battle for Internet privacy rages on, let's not forget that phishing scammers are after it too.

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