Chris Christie update: A tumultuous town hall

The governor gets into it with protesters and a healthcare reform advocate during his most recent public event

By Elias Isquith
March 20, 2014 5:01PM (UTC)
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Chris Christie (Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

After receding from the public stage in the immediate aftermath of Bridgegate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been holding town hall meetings again over the last handful of weeks. For the most part, these events have been low-key affairs, with Christie showing little of the combativeness and pugnaciousness that helped make him a national star. That seems like it's changing, though, with Tuesday's town hall — during which Christie was interrupted by protesters and got into an argument with a left-leaning healthcare advocate — as the most obvious example.

Here's the latest Christie news:

  • Christie held a town hall meeting in South River, N.J., on Tuesday that was not nearly as placid as has recently been the case. Not only was Christie interrupted by protesters — whom he said were from nefarious public employees unions — but he also got into a verbal scrape with a healthcare advocate who criticized him for not reinvesting the money saved through the federal funding of the state's Medicaid expansion to help more uninsured New Jerseyans get health insurance. "I'm sorry that you favor Obamacare, and I do not," Christie said to the advocate, dismissively, and to applause.
  • New Jersey's attorney general, meanwhile, has ordered state police to stop taking pictures of Christie protesters. A Christie spokesman told the press that the governor didn't even know such pictures were being taken.
  • And for reasons unknown, a comic book artist and author are teaming up to create a comic about Christie. The author claims he treats Christie's handling of Superstorm Sandy as the "focal point," opting to leave Bridgegate for the epilogue.

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