Must-see morning clip: "Tonight Show" imagines a conversation between Putin and Obama

They sing John McCain-themed parodies of "Insane in the Brain," apparently

By Prachi Gupta
March 20, 2014 5:21PM (UTC)
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"The Tonight Show" got about political as it will ever get on Wednesday night, with a comedic sketch that commented on U.S.-Russian relations over the crisis in Crimea.

Host Jimmy Fallon played Russian President Vladimir Putin, depicted as a vodka-loving dude with a weird laugh. He and President Obama sang some odd duets, including a John McCain-inspired parody of hip-hop song "Insane in the Brain," and Idina Menzel's hit from "Frozen," "Let It Go."


"Vlad, just to recap our call," clarified Obama at the end of the call, "no progress was made here, right?"

"None at all!" said Putin.

Prachi Gupta

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