Chris Christie update: Despite widespread skepticism, guv defends internal inquiry

The former 2016 GOP front-runner also says Bridgegate hasn't changed his plans for the future

By Elias Isquith
March 27, 2014 5:15PM (UTC)
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Chris Christie (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

News of the Christie-orchestrated "internal inquiry," the one that finds Christie innocent of any Bridgegate-related wrongdoing, leaked on Monday. But the report's real debut is Thursday, when it's released for the public and reporters are given a chance to ask Randy Mastro, the lawyer who led the investigation, questions. For reasons explained below, however, it's likely that the only journalists who will be able to formulate good questions for Mastro will be those skilled at speed reading.

Here's the latest Christie news:

  • Christie's internal report will be released Thursday, and Randy Mastro, the leader of the taxpayer-financed inquiry will take reporters' questions. But here's the catch — the report is said to be around 300 pages long, but journalists are only being given a single hour to read through it before Mastro takes the podium to answer their questions.
  • You may be shocked to read this, but Christie said on his monthly radio show on Wednesday that he had no issues with the internal investigation, despite what many have called a patented conflict of interest in having a governor "investigate" himself. He shrugged off the fact that nearly every major player in the Bridgegate scandal refused to be interviewed for the report, saying one can find plenty of evidence without interviews.
  • Also during his most recent radio appearance, Christie said that the Bridgegate scandal — and the other scandals that have arisen in its wake — has not changed his plans for his political future. Christie remains coy about whether he's planning to run for president in 2016, but said that nothing that's occurred in 2014 "would make me think any differently about my ability to pursue that job or to perform in it."
  • While on the air, Christie also said his lap-band weight loss surgery has changed his life. He said he works out four days a week, too — but he doesn't like exercising with dumbbells.
  • Last (and least), a new poll shows Bruce Springsteen is considerably more popular in New Jersey than is Christie. In related news, the sun came up Thursday morning and is widely expected to go down before Thursday night.

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