Desperate Denmark hopes sex competition will boost piddling birth rate

A travel company is asking Danes to "do it for Denmark" during their holiday getaways

By Emily Lodish
March 28, 2014 4:45PM (UTC)
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This article originally appeared on GlobalPost.

Global PostYou guys, Denmark is in trouble. The birth rate is at 27-year low. People aren't having enough babies and the people who used to have babies are getting really old.

What to do?

One Danish travel agency has come up with a cheeky idea. They have launched a campaign called "Do it for Denmark" — "it" being it — which encourages Danish couples to go on vacation, where they are more likely to have sex and conceive a baby, thus doing their part to save their country from the brink of geriatric destruction.

 Check it out:

The whole thing is pretty hilarious and charming, not to mention informative.

We learn that Danes have way more sex when they are on vacation than they do in their everyday lives — 46 percent more sex, to be exact, and we learn that 10 percent of all Danish children are conceived on holiday.


We hear from a sex therapist who says traveling together helps keep the spark alive in a relationship.

And if you're not swayed by stats, expert advice or the call of duty, Spies travel agency is offering an "ovulation discount" if you book your trip through them. If you have sex on the trip and can prove you conceived a child, you win three years worth of baby stuff and a child-friendly vacation. How's that for incentive?

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