FDA: You can't call it honey if it has a bunch of sugar added to it

The agency's latest push against added sweeteners

By Lindsay Abrams
April 8, 2014 10:14PM (UTC)
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This is the sugar-laden reality we're living in: The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that it's issuing new guidelines aimed at keeping the definition of "honey" applicable only to pure honey.

Not honey-plus-sugar. Not honey-plus-corn syrup. Just honey.


Because apparently, that's not what's been happening. From the Associated Press:

The agency said enforcement action is possible against U.S. food businesses or importers if companies try to cut those sweeteners into real honey and do not label the product correctly. If those sweeteners are added, the label should read "blend of sugar and honey" or "blend of honey and corn syrup."

The FDA regularly detains honey imports and tests them after finding drug residues and unlabeled added sweeteners.

The guidelines are the agency's latest attack on added sugars, which are associated with a scary assortment of health problems -- its recently proposed updated food labels even include a separate line in their honor. “America has the sweetest diet in the world," former FDA commissioner David Kessler explained to the New York Times about the need to alert consumers to the sugars' presence. "You can’t get to be as big as we’ve gotten without added sweeteners.”

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