Chris Christie update: New Jerseyans call guv's report a "whitewash"

Also: Newly surfaced video shows Christie having a tense and awkward moment with comedian Joy Behar

Published April 9, 2014 1:10PM (EDT)

Chris Christie                           (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)
Chris Christie (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's "internal inquiry" over Bridgegate cost taxpayers around $1 million and not-so-subtly blamed Bridgegate on an irrational woman, scorned. Yet for all that expenditure of money and respect, the response to the report has been overwhelmingly dismissive-bordering-on-hostile, with the media considering it something of a joke. And a new poll shows that the media is not alone in finding Christie's report more than a little suspect.

Here's the latest in the world of Chris Christie:

  • A recent Quinnipiac poll finds nearly 60 percent of New Jerseyans describing Christie's internal review as a "whitewash." The poll also found that 49 percent of New Jerseyans approve of the job Christie's doing, which is a 6-point drop since January. More worryingly for Christie, 48 percent — an all-time high — said they believed Christie governed at least partially through intimidation.
  • Speaking of attempted intimidation, a video has been making the rounds showing comedian Joy Behar and Chris Christie having an awkward moment during the former's "roasting" of the latter at a recent event. Behar lays into Christie, unveiling many fat jokes and telling the governor he's "toast," and at one point Christie attempts to interrupt, only to have Behar shut him down and order him to stop "bullying" her.
  • And in news of Christie's actual job, governing the state of New Jersey, the Star-Ledger reports that he's asked FEMA to allow a six-month extension of the deadline to hand in completed comprehensive flood insurance claims for New Jersey residents whose homes were damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

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