Google having limited time sale — Now everyone can be a glasshole!

A leaked slide from Google reveals an expansion of its Explorer Program, for a hefty price

By Sarah Gray
Published April 10, 2014 10:30PM (EDT)
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Google's divisive Glass technology will soon be available to the masses -- for a limited time only. A slide, leaked to The Verge, divulges Google's latest plans for the wearable tech: An expansion of its Explorer Program. For "about a day" Glass will be on sale to anyone in the U.S. who has $1,500 to drop on a pair of wearable tech. The sale date could be as soon as next week on April 15.

Though the sale is being billed as expansion of the Explorer Program, and not retail consumption, the move is the biggest push by Google to broaden the user base. The $1,500 price tag comes with a "free frame or shade." Google Glass is supposedly due for wide release at the end of 2014.

Google has had a difficult time making the Glass concept stick. It has been pushing the wearable tech since 2012. Glass enhances wearers viewing capabilities, allowing them to take photos, video, pull up and read text, among other capabilities. And the wearable tech has come to represent fears of dwindling privacy, increased surveillance, and the rancorous inequality that is dividing San Francisco area. The technology even necessitated Google Glass etiquette, a handy list of dos and don'ts including dont "Be creepy or rude (aka, a 'Glasshole')."

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