NWS accidentally issues giant flood warning for entire Eastern U.S.

False alarm

By Lindsay Abrams
Published April 10, 2014 8:52PM (EDT)

Good news: The entire East Coast of the United States, along with a chunk of Canada, is not in danger of being drowned by an enormous flood. It looked that way for a while, though -- earlier this afternoon, the National Weather Service's forecast map featured a giant green rectangle (pictured above) stretching from northern Florida right on past Maine.

It turned out, of course, to be a false alarm, as NWS Boston illustrated in this wonderful tweet:

[embedtweet id="454307316708700160"]

The warning wasn't a promotion for Noah, as predicted on Twitter, but instead a coding error.  "One of our forecast offices issued a flood forecast with a corrupted latitude/longitude string, which caused the incorrect display of our national hazards map on weather.gov," NWS spokeswoman Susan Buchanan explained to Mashable. "The problem was brief, and has been fixed."

And you can continue your Thursday with the knowledge that for a moment there, the outlook for the day was a whole lot worse than it turned out to be.

Lindsay Abrams

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