Jimmy Kimmel is still obsessed with Rob Ford

The comedian appeared on "Ford Nation" Monday

Published April 14, 2014 5:35PM (EDT)

Though he turned himself into a spectacle during the fall of 2013, it's comedian and prankster Jimmy Kimmel who is keeping embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in international headlines these days. Kimmel and Ford continued their bizarre bromance on Monday, when the comedian appeared on the politician's YouTube show, "Ford Nation," for no other apparent reason than to make plans to hang out some more.

Checking in via Google Hangout, Kimmel paid homage to Ford by dressing like a "magician," wearing the same red tie and black suit that Ford wore to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in his appearance last month.

“You know that the future of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' relies on Rob Ford getting reelected,” said Rob's brother, Doug, who co-hosts the YouTube show. “So my question is: When are you going to get your backside up here to save your job and start door-knocking to make sure this guy keeps you going every single night?”

Though Kimmel had previously suggested that the mayor should reach out for help regarding his alcohol and drug abuse, the comedian didn't seem at all concerned about Ford's health this time around. Instead, he joked, "I want to throw a fun-raiser, where we go and we just have fun," said Kimmel, "in classic Rob Ford style."

Here is their shtick: Kimmel openly mocks Ford, while the latter absorbs the insults in his wide, impervious smile. It gets about as old as it sounds like it would. The worst part is that Ford's campaign, which includes a line of Rob Ford Bobblehead dolls and an endorsement from "Trailer Park Boys" star Sam Tarasco, may be getting a significant push from Kimmel, too. For example:

Kimmel celebrated the YouTube show in February:

In March, Kimmel devoted his entire show to mock him in person:

The next day, he aired a segment based in Toronto as a "sign of international goodwill":

And just last week, the comic admitted that he is "completely in love" with Ford:

(Perhaps Kimmel will be the person who follows Ford around with a tuba?)

By Prachi Gupta

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