Glenn Beck: "I feel like I'm wasting my life"

The right-wing media mogul wants to make movies, says, "I hate politics"

Published April 16, 2014 4:55PM (EDT)

Glenn Beck                                        (Reuters/Chris Keane)
Glenn Beck (Reuters/Chris Keane)

After making untold millions off of stoking political division, hysteria, apocalypticism and countless conspiracy theories, right-wing pundit and all-around media mogul Glenn Beck has decided he'd like to focus more on producing movies, because he hates politics and worries he's "wasting [his] life."

Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Beck said he's planning to refurbish a large studio in Texas in order to eventually shoot movies there. Beck already has at least three movies planned — one taking place during antiquity, one in modern times and one about faith and spirituality — and has optioned several other ideas, too.

During the interview, Beck at times sounds a bit defensive of his right to enter into film production. "I have every intent of finding great artists who will tell great stories that aren't typical," he said. "Everybody thinks they know who I am because of my stint on Fox — that was two years of my life. I'm much more into culture than I am into politics, and that's where I intend on making my stand."

Beck cited "The Lego Movie," "Lone Survivor," "True Grit" and "The Princess Bride" among others as films he'd like to emulate. He also praised the work of Frank Capra, particularly his film "Meet John Doe" and its message of social harmony and individual decency. Spreading that kind of good cheer, Beck said, is the kind of thing he yearns for after engaging in the rough-and-tumble of politics for so long.

"We're beginning to agree that Republicans and Democrats suck — they've built this machine to grind people into the ground," he said. "I hate this stuff. I hate politics. I hate politicians and I feel like I'm wasting my life. Don't we all know what's happening? George W. Bush was taking us down a road, and Barack Obama is taking us down that same road. What difference does it make? I don't want to waste my life anymore."

By Elias Isquith

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