Chris Christie update: GOP insiders say Christie 2016 is on "life support"

Also: Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer reveals the diary entry she allegedly wrote after Christie's attempted shakedown

By Elias Isquith
Published April 24, 2014 1:10PM (EDT)
Chris Christie                        (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)
Chris Christie (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

While it's still unclear whether Chris Christie knew of the plans to punish Fort Lee's Democratic mayor by creating the traffic snarl now known as Bridgegate, it's pretty obvious that Christie has decided he won't let a little thing like a major scandal quash his presidential ambitions. Yet despite Christie's still being a formidable fundraiser — he's currently steering the Republican Governors Association, which has been raking in money throughout 2014 — it's been hard to gauge whether there's still enough interest among Republicans in a Christie 2016 run. But we may be inching ever-closer to an answer.

Here's the latest news on Chris Christie:

  • An MSNBC report finds two GOP insiders pooh-poohing a 2016 Christie presidential run, saying that the proto-campaign is on "life support" and that Christie is "toast." One of the insiders is Roger Stone, a longtime conservative troublemaker who tends to be better at getting himself press than actually influencing the Republican Party, so a grain of salt is probably warranted. Still, the report cites a handful of other insiders who are equally skeptical of Christie's chances.
  • Over at the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza has an interesting post about how Christie inadvertently gave new life to the New Jersey legislative committee tasked with investigating Bridgegate, and did so right as the committee was reaching a dead end. It turns out Christie's "internal investigation" was a catalyst, inspiring the committee to issue four new subpoenas to compel oral testimony.
  • Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who has alleged that the Christie administration demanded she approve a private real estate deal before it gave her the Superstorm Sandy relief funds she requested, has unveiled the pages of her diary that she says she wrote after Christie's team delivered the message. The most telling quote: "I have now heard it from Lt. Gov & Com. Constable. Yes- this is illegal. I debated w/ Joe Maraziti whether or not to go to US Attorney- we decided that Christie has friends throughout US Attorney's office - [therefore] not much chance in getting help from them & it could create a nightmare for us. A little bit scary to realize that there's nowhere to turn for help against this threat from Gov Christie- my best defense is to stand up to the bully- my beloved Gov who wants to run for president."

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