Really? Paula Deen, post-racism scandal, headed on a nationwide tour

The celebrity cook has evidently rebounded from her "n"-word imbroglio

By Daniel D'Addario
Published April 28, 2014 6:10PM (EDT)
Paula Deen       (AP/Nick Ut)
Paula Deen (AP/Nick Ut)

Looks like there's life after scandal -- at least, if you're willing to go out and meet your fans.

Paula Deen, who's already been at work rehabbing her image with a series of cruises with fans, seems to have effectively put the scandal over her racist language behind her; she's setting out on a nationwide tour with stops including Atlanta, Nashville, and Savannah.

It's a return to the scene of the public-relations crime for Deen: Savannah is Deen's hometown, and the location of the restaurant whose former employee sued Deen. In a deposition tied to that case, Deen admitted to having used the "n"-word, and to asking her employees to dress as slaves for a wedding. The subsequent period last summer was a difficult one for Deen, who lost sponsorship deals and saw her planned cookbook cancelled.

But time, evidently, heals all wounds: Deen will be delivering "cooking demos" and "storytelling" to her devoted fans. Maybe they never really went away. Her planned 2013 cookbook, after all, rose to #1 on the Amazon charts before it was cancelled, and her online Paula Deen Store is still operational. There, you can buy a 15-piece cookware set coated with Teflon -- just like its impervious manufacturer.

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